Wooser Buster

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Kanji うーさーバスター
Romaji Ūsā basutā
Aliases Great Wooser Buster
Equipment/Item Type Robot
Owner(s) Rin, Len
Debut Episode Season One, Episode 8
Wooser Buster is the robot that Rin and Len used to try to take down a giant Wooser on a rampage in part of Season One, Episode 8 and Season One, Episode 13. It has a number of weapons to try and defeat him. It was formed after two parts that Rin and Len fused together on transformation.


Wooser Buster

  • Rocket Turbines (Arms and Feet)
  • Wooser Buster Beam (Electric beam shot from Wooser Buster's eyebrows)

Great Wooser Buster

  • Bird Wings Extension (Back)
  • Ajipon Punch (Replaces right hand with a replica of Ajipon's head and launches the right arm to deal a powerful blow)