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Welcome to the Wooser's Hand-To-Mouth Life Wiki!

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Wooser's Hand-To-Mouth Life (AKA Wooser no Sono Higurashi) is on the anime series of shorts featuring a cute, yet rather questionable animal and his friends by creator Yoshiki Usa and illustrator Tomoko Fujinoki. Everyone whom is registered in the wikia network is welcome to help out on this wiki!

Be mindful that there will be minor and major unmarked spoilers for throughout this wiki if you check their pages out! Be careful out there!

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Punches, Panties and Wooser (Season One, Episode 13 (OVA Episode)) "One year from the final battle on the satellite orbit. By a number of noble sacrifices, I thought whether peace visited the earth, or justice did not perish! There where evils that some justices didn't kill. Wooser, the Maimodo~tsu from Hell got a new force and wings, again if ......I throw oneself into a battle that shook the world, I think that would be where is the locust of responsibility is." (Rough Translation via Wooser.tv)
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Yuu is one of the human friends of Rin, Len and Miho. She is normally reserved and calm unlike most of the people around her. She normally hangs out alongside The Animal Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken as a companion of hers.
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