Wooser Main Image
""Money is my first priority!" is what I'll keep telling myself."
Kanji うーさー
Romaji Usa
Species Alien (Unknown)
Gender Male
Voiced by Mamoru Miyano
Debut Episode Season One, Episode 1


Wooser is the titular character of "Wooser's Hand-To-Mouth Life" in all of its seasons. He is a mysterious creature that only lives for three things: meat, money and girls (and their uniforms).


When he arrived on Earth from an alternate planet, he discovers Rin and Len as infants in the tragic accident that killed their parents and totaled their house. He decided to put both Rin and Len under his care in a new home and later built Darth Wooser to help him raise and protect the twins and those close to him further.


Despite his cute appearance, he is selfish, lazy and is quite crass to almost everyone he knows. Some people even considered him as a pervert due to his love of school uniforms alone.


Wooser has a bunny-like appearance, but can also be mistaken for a dog. His whole body is yellow with black eyes. As mentioned on episode 1 of the first season, the dot on the middle of his face is a nose instead of a mouth, despite said nose looking way too much like a mouth.


  • Wooser happens to be a real-life local mascot character that is often in some events with other mascot characters within Japan like Uogokoro-kun. He is also seen advertising for any Wooser-related merchandise whenever he's not caught up in any antics with other mascots.
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