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Wooser's Hand-To-Mouth Life Wiki

These rules are to be followed when using this wiki, as breaking these rules tend to get users banned from this wikia. This is to keep the peace here and to make sure that the community is not in a toxic state.

Wiki Ground Rules

1. Please keep the wiki on-topic for episodes. No events from other shows outside of the Wooser Franchise is allowed in episode pages unless it's in a reference or the "Trivia" section of a page (including for any guest characters that appear).

2. Do not plagiarize or vandalize external sites, this wikia or any other one for the matter. Articles published in this wikia shall not be reproduced in other sites without permission or citations. All articles must be written in your own original words.

3. Images must be on-topic as well. Off-Topic images involving guest characters are only allowed for reference in guest character, image gallery and episode pages. For more on the rules involving posting images, go to the Image Policy page.

4. This is NOT a streaming site! Do not place videos to the full episodes in this wiki. Official Trailers and PVs are allowed, however.

Community Rules

1A. No linking to OR posting any pornographic imagery or websites anywhere within the site. Those who break this rule will be banned on sight. No exceptions!

1B. Images or links that contain disturbing, grotesque and harmful content (including those meant to troll or scare other users) are not allowed either. Those breaking this rule can also get insta-banned for this, but will only have one warning at the least depending on the content that was reported.

2. Bad language is acceptable to use here as long as it is not used against other users. However, racial and cultural terms that are derogatory are not allowed here, even if you're just trying to be friendly.

3, Treat everyone with respect. Hostile behavior and trolling is not allowed. Explicit conversations about illegal drugs and activities are banned as well.

4. Off-topic subjects are allowed in blogs and the chat. For more on the wikia chat guidelines, go here.