Miss Monochrome
Miss Monochrome Profile Pic 2
"I want to stand out more, too!"
Kanji ミス・モノクローム
Romaji Misu Monokurōmu
Aliases Unknown
Species Android
Gender Female
Voiced by Yui Horie
Debut Episode Awakening Arc, Episode 1


Miss Monochrome is the first guest character to appear in Wooser's Hand-To-Mouth Life: Awakening Arc. She was seen talking to a group of children about alkaline batteries while Rin and Len were shopping and while Wooser was snooping around. She later appears as a guest of Wooser's birthday party in episode 12 of the Awakening Arc and breifly in the first episode of the Phantasmagoric Arc. She later appears as an idol alongside Wooser and has more cameos later into the Phantasmagoric Arc.


Miss Monochrome originally appeared as a 3D virtual singer, much like Miku Hatsune of Vocoloid fame in a concert tour. Later onwards in 2013, she obtained her own anime series, which was in it's second season within the same programming block as the Phantasmagoric Arc (Ultra Super Anime Time). Her show now has three seasons (with Season Three airing in the fall 2015 season).

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