Mel Kishida
Mel Kishida Profile Pic
"Very Well! If you want them, you must defeat me first!"
Kanji 岸田 メル
Romaji Meru Kishida
Aliases Unknown
Species Human
Gender Male
Voiced by Mel Kishida
Debut Episode Phantasmagoric Arc, Episode 10
Mel Kishida is a guest character that appeared on Episode 10 of the Phantasmagoric Arc alongside some of the pop idol group Rainbow Conquistador as his followers. For some doujinishi of gals in school uniforms, he fought against Wooser in an epic battle.


Mel is a character designer and Illustrator that happened to make the appearance for the Wooser franchise by matching a photo that he had taken and posted on Twitter holding the exact same swords and wearing the same mask as well. He is a doujinshi artist as well and made designs for other anime characters as well.