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Mecha Wooser Main Image.png
Kanji メカ呉先生
Romaji Meka-Ūsā
Aliases Mecha-Wooser Mark II (Awakening Arc)
Equipment/Item Type Robot
Owner(s) Wooser
Debut Episode Season One, Episode 6


Mecha-Wooser is the giant robot that Wooser uses normally to rampage the city for rather obnoxious reasons.

Much later in season 2, a more advanced version of this is used for the drastic battle against a threat from outer space. Knowing that Wooser would use the Trans-Am System and sacrifice himself, Darth Wooser and Veda quickly activated the Quantum System and eventually allowed the latter to survive in space long enough for him to meet Ultraman Zero and return to Earth.


Mark I

  • Giant Drill (Left Hand)
  • Claw (Right Hand)
  • Engine
  • Thruster Units (Ears)
  • Lazer Beams (Eyes)
  • GN Drive

Mark II

  • Giant Drills (Both Hands)
  • Thruster Units (Ears)
  • Rocket Engine
  • GN Drive
  • Escape Pod (A smaller Mecha-Wooser).


  • The Trans-Am System in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is a system that allows the mobile suits to unleash their full potential beyond the limit. Since Trans-Am System requires GN Drive or GN Drive Tau to operate, it is possible that Mecha-Wooser had one of these implanted to it.
    • This was verified in episode 2 of season 3, where it was shown in the ending card.
  • When activating the Trans-Am System, Wooser's version of the Celestial Being logo was shown instead of the original one.