Len Profile Image 2
"Jeez, if you were going on a trip, you should've said so!"
Kanji れん
Romaji Ren
Aliases Ren
Species Human
Gender Female
Voiced by Haruka Nagamune
Debut Episode Season One, Episode 1


Len is the twin sister on Rin as well as one of the friends of Wooser and company. She happens to be closer to Darth Wooser and hangs out with him often.


Len and her sister were taken in by Wooser as infants after a tragic accident had killed both of their parents and were in his and Darth Wooser's care from there onwards. From there onwards, she, Rin and the two Woosers were inseperable.


Len is a lot more outgoing and mischievous than Rin, despite being her sister. She normally has an energetic demeanor to the point that it could become rather dangerous as seen on Episode 1 when she mounts a cow while shooting bullets in the air as a cowgirl.

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