Small note: We want the images for this wiki to be as clear and high-res as possible, if possible. This is focused on both the wiki and community areas for this wikia.

Banned Images

  • DO NOT upload images of graphic content such as ones of a sexual nature. "Sexual nature" means any acts of intercourse, nipples, and genitalia.(Thankfully, that sort of thing never happens in the Wooser universe anyways.) This is based on the Wikia Term of Use policy.
  • Images with watermarks from pirated sites.
  • Fan art of any kind. within the wiki. (In blogs and fourm posts, this is acceptable as long as it doesn't break the first "Banned Images" rule or the first two community rules of this site.)
  • Captioned images (official or illegal) in the wiki. Episode names and endcards are exempt from this rule for official captions.
  • Images with inappropriate names on their files.
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