Darth Wooser
728271-darth wooser portrait
"Enemies must be Eliminated"
Kanji ダスウサ
Romaji Dasu Usa
Species Unknown (Android)
Gender Male
Voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya (Starting from Awakening Arc, Episode 4)
Debut Episode Season One, Episode 1


The "other personality" to Wooser. While Wooser is a tad mischievous and crass, Darth Wooser is more orderly, but will definitely spring some of the others into trouble when prompted. He normally hangs around with Len and often hangs out with Wooser and Ajipon.


Darth Wooser was built and created by Wooser to help him take care of Rin and Len when they were children and was programmed later on to protect those dear to Wooser and his pals, including Wooser himself whenever needed.

In episode 7 of Awakening arc, he communicates with Veda, the supercomputer from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 as he discuss about the importance of life forms and the role of Innovators. Eventually in episode 12 of Awakening Arc and first episode of Phantasmagoric Arc, knowing that Wooser would sacrifice himself to destroy a fleet of aliens, Darth Wooser and Veda quickly activate the Quantum System in Mecha-Wooser to ease his battle, eventually allowing Wooser to return to Earth safely had not Ultraman Zero meeting him.


Darth Wooser happens to be more orderly than Wooser, but can be quite dangerous when angered. He was a silent character like some of the other animals up until the Awakening Arc, where he spoke his first words of the show while Wooser and company were eating watermelons.


Darth Wooser has one power that was revealed in the Awakening Arc, which is Heat Vision. He fires beams from his eyes to singe his targets whenever prompted. He can also create other versions of himself when needed.

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