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Bears, Gourmet and Wooser
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Alias: Bears and Gourmet and Wooser
Kanji: 熊とグルメとうーさーと
Romaji: Kuma to Gurume to Ūsā to
Season (Arc): 1, Episode: 5
Episode Statistics
Air date 10/31/2012
Written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasa
Directed by Toyonori Yamada
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Moe, Rap and Wooser Beaches, Swimsuits and Wooser


"Tonight is the Masked Ball. At the strict Private Wooser Academy, the rules are relaxed just for today, and the boys put on masks and begin a battle royale to win the hearts of the girls they desire. As Wooser advances forward, his arch-enemy Melon Bear appears... but if so, so what?"

- via Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

Before the opening sequence, Wooser greets the audience again, but this time, he realizes that the vicious Melon Bear has been chewing on his head and he panics.

Rin and Len are doing their laundry while Wooser is asleep. The girls are wondering if he's dreaming about either meat or money, but when panning out to Wooser's dream, it's actually about women's legs and what they wear on them. He's thinking about which is best and comparing them to various meats. Wooser says that he "can't eat them all" in his sleep and it gets Rin saying that her thought was confirmed. Len them says that "he couldn't eat them, because he's dreaming about girls". Rin and Len then ask themselves if girls can be eaten by him and are in shock.

Len, Rin, Yuu and Miho are at the school grounds talking about their graduation ceremony while Miho is wondering if there are either dead bodies or treasure under the cherry blossom trees and asks if she can dig them up. Wooser narrates about his love for girls' uniforms and then asks the gals if he can have one of theirs. However, they are too caught into their own conversation to have heard Wooser's question. The girls and Wooser end up taking a picture together to cherish the moment.

In the next scene, the girls are seeing crying as Wooser announces that the show is being cancelled and is leaving them. Wooser announces that he's going on a journey to find himself (and a uniform since none of the gals gave him one). As Wooser leaves, Rin runs off to Wooser in hopes to have him stay. The screen cuts off to state that the first "Arc" has been completed.

Characters (In Order of Appearance)

Normal Characters

  • Wooser
  • Rin
  • Len
  • Yuu
  • Miho

Guest Characters

  • Melon Bear

Points of Interest

  • This is the second episode to hint at a cancellation, but instead, it ran a full 12 episodes and earned a second season in 2014.
  • The very first guest character of the Wooser franchise appears in this episode! He is Melon Bear, one of the Hokkaido prefecture's mascots. He is infamously known for having a persona that causes him to try to eat people.
  • Miho's cherry blossom tree theory is later examined in the middle of Season Two.
  • The crossed-out October calender from Episode 3 is present in this episode.